LASER cutting a Christmas scene

Christmas is a great excuse for making something fun on a CNC, especially with my 5W LASER attached. So I designed this simple Christmassy scene that looks lovely on a shelf, or table, adding a bit of Maker class to seasonal decorations. It can be put together quickly and looks nice as-cut or painted.

I designed it in Inkscape to be cut from a 145mm wide, 100mm high, 1.5mm thick piece of sheet material. It should work with plywood, MDF and plastic if you like, although I made mine using 1.5mm basswood sheet. Basswood is great for low-power LASER cutting with one pass at 100% power, with my 5W diode-LASER, at a speed of 100mm/min, cutting all the way through. Here’s a photo of the scene being cut.

A photo of the Christmas scene being laser cut on a CNC machine

Once cut, the tabs in the pieces simply go into the slots in the base, so dead easy to make. If you want to try it out yourself, you can get the files from Thingiverse below.

Click here for the Thingiverse page.

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