Cutting 1mm Basswood with a 5W diode-LASER

If you’ve read my other Basswood LASER cutting tests you’ll already know that it’s a great material for use with a low-power CNC-mounted LASER. So I wanted to see how well I could cut 1mm thick Basswood with my 5W LASER. As the photo below of my single-pass cutting test shows, 1mm thickness provides little challenge for the LASER.

The front of the 1.5mm Basswood laser cutting test

In fact, a single pass, at 200 mm/min feed rate, at around 70% power, is all it takes to cut through it. And it’s likely that the feed rate could even be sped up a little too. Plus, as the photo below shows, the cuts were quite clean and don’t require too much effort to clean up.

The back of the 1.5mm Basswood laser cutting test

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