Cutting 1.5mm Mahogany with a 5W diode-LASER

Sometimes it’s nice to push the boat out and work with a nice (but obviously sustainably produced) hardwood on a special project. Once the staple of work and school desks, and plenty of furniture, Mahogany is an obvious choice for that, having a lovely dense feel and beautiful grain. So I decided that I should test some 1.5mm thick Mahogany to see just how easy it would be to cut it with a 5W diode-LASER. You can see the results in the photo above.

As the photo shows, the LASER has no real chance of cutting through in one pass, but at a feed rate of 100 mm/min, at approaching 100% power, two passes did the job. According to my meter that was with a water content of 12%. However, it does leave quite a bit of charring to clean away, although, as the photo below shows, it wasn’t so bad that it could be considered a game-stopper.

The back of the Mahogany after the laser cutting test

So, as with many other materials, cutting a mirrored version, so that the back becomes the finished front face, could be a good option. But, to give a good idea of how well you can cut quite detailed items out of Mahogany sheet, here’s a photo of a 30mm high Santa figure I cut at 100% power, 100 mm/min feed rate and two passes. Personally I was quite happy with the results.

A small Santa figureblaser cut from Mahogany sheet

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