CNC bed-edge fence made with a 3D printer

It can be quite fiddly fixing down a routing or LASER cutting project onto the bed of a CNC router. It’s even harder if you also want to align the material to the edge of the bed so you can align cuts with existing clean edges, or because you’re doing work over a number of sessions. So to help me quickly place lined-up sheets of plastic or wood onto my CNC bed I designed the small edge fence shown in the image below. It has to be 3D printed but takes up only a small amount of plastic and simply slides into the groove on the front or back edge of the bed-plate as the photo above shows. If you want to have a go at making some just click here to get the STL file (and OpenSCAD file in case you want to customise it).

A 3D model for making a CNC router bed edge fence

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