Clent Hills Four Stones

Clent Hills Four Stones 3D scan

The Four Stones can be found atop Clent Hills in Worcestershire, in the central part of the United Kingdom. Despite looking stone age, the four stones are actually a folly built in the late 1700s by the lord of nearby Hagley Hall. However, they still make a lovely stop-off point for anyone walking through the beautiful Clent Hills.

I made the scan using the excellent Sony 3D Creator app on my Xperia XZ2 phone. That meant I had to construct the final model from five scans: a general scan of the area, plus a more detailed scan of each of the stones. Meshmixer was used to process the scans and Blender for putting the whole model together.

The general scan included enough of the individual stones to allow the individual scans to be located, rotated and scaled fairly accurately. So, although the scan isn’t likely to be dimensionally completely accurate, for modelling purposes it should be a pretty good representation.

To view more images of the scan, or to download it for 3D printing, just click on the MyMiniFactory link below:

Click to view on MyMiniFactory

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