Adding a shield to a CNC-mounted LASER module

My LASER is an attachment for my cheap Chinese 1610 CNC router so it isn’t tucked away inside a metal case with a tinted window. That means I have to wear LASER-safety glasses whenever it’s running, which can be annoying if I’ve got other things to do. So I designed this simple 3D printed shield with dark red windows (as the LASER is blue). It comprises a small frame that slips onto the LASER module (with a hole for a screw if needed to stop it sliding down) and a three-sided shield that slides onto the edge of the frame, as shown below.

3D view of the laser shield assembly

After 3D printing the front and two sides need to have dark red plastic glued in: I cut mine from a plastic square photography filter I picked up cheap on eBay. Then those three pieces need gluing together at the front corners to make the shield. If you want to add some rigidity then there’s also a bottom component you can stick below the three sides. The shield is then easily removed for when you want to focus the LASER or for removing cut materials. You can download the 3D printing files from Thingiverse by clicking here, and in case you need to make adjustments that includes the OpenSCAD file. The shield also works well with my LASER extractor project, localising the area it extracts air from, which is one reason why the bottom plate is included in the design.


    1. Hi. I used a dark red plastic photography filter, which are quite cheap on ebay. It seemed to work quite well as my laser is a low(ish) power blue one and I don’t want to look at the window close up. However, a much safer way would be to look for a proper laser-safe filter designed for the frequency and power output of your LASER as what you need for a blue laser obviously isn’t the same as what you need for a red one (and because I’m not an expert so best not to blindly follow my lead). Best wishes, Andrew.

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